Happy Friday!


They say it’s a ‘dogs life’ but I say the cats seem to have it pretty good too! *chuckle*

The sun is shining this morning, the Bear is working til noon and the boys are sleeping. Well one is at his GF, but that’s another story for another day!

I find myself with the extra day off and I plan on copying the cats! At least for a little while. *grin* The boys grabbed some mulch for the yard and I hope to have it out this weekend. I guess we’ll see just how helpful they are going to be. First big test of the season, wish us luck!! The youngest has already helped with the picking up and unloading and it was even in the rain!


Almost hard to tell which is which isn’t it? Yeah, I’m the midget around here … They all run around calling me ‘tiny’, ….. men! *chuckle* Yes I ‘behaved’ myself and stayed in the house and out-of-the-way. See doc, I do sit out some times ….

That’s about it, nothing major to report. My hand is swelling again but that’s not new. If it continues I’ll have to call the GP, he said he wanted to see it first ‘hand’! LoL Sorry, had to, it was just too easy ….

Hope your day has started as good as mine!




2 thoughts on “Happy Friday!

  1. Laughter is the one of the best kinds of medicine and it helps when we can laugh at our own situations. Happy Friday to you too, lil’rabbit. Hope your day continues to get even better.

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