Fricken’ Kids!

**Dark humour** if this is not your kind of thing please stay away from this post. Not everyone likes dark humour and I get that but the point is the irony behind it, not that we agree with the sentiment. That said .... My youngest is quite the clown and tends to share the dark … Continue reading Fricken’ Kids!


Happy Day! <3

Feeling pretty good today! Well, I'm usually feeling pretty good but .... *grin* Today makes two full weeks of school for the youngest with NO missed days! *big grin* It may seem like small potatoes but this is a very huge step! It hasn't happened in well over a year! The levels of protest are … Continue reading Happy Day! ❤

More rain …

It's been a few rainy days now and my body is showing me just how much displeasure it feels in that fact!! LoL Darn it, just when you start to feel fairly good it starts again. Of course! I feel like I've been chopping wood all weekend, my upper back, neck and shoulders are just … Continue reading More rain …