Happy Friday!!

I’m feeling pretty good today and looking forward to the weekend! The Bear and I had some ‘us’ time last night, that was nice! As the boys get more and more centered we are able to spend some time on just us. I can’t tell you how comforting that thought is, on many levels!

Hoping not to jinx anything here but i seem to have adjusted to my medication and I’m not a walking zombie, that is a relief. Many of my issues are still here, honestly I don’t think too much has changed at all BUT one thing, a big thing! I don’t feel like my bottom half is being ripped from my top half any more!!!

It was horrid, it would stop me in my tracks and make me scream out and i’m no stranger to pain …. by the end of every day I could no longer sit up by myself, I had to rely on my upper body to pull myself up and the pain levels were 9 or 10 every time. Since everything is relying on your lower back I was basically immobile! Unless I over do it, like this past weekend that I had to pay for, i seem to be able to function without that pain happening!!

All my other areas of pain are still there, they haven’t been affected by the meds which makes me believe they are in fact different issues but we’ll see. My pain levels are between a 4 and 7 most often but I can start to work out again! I’ve been testing it out this week and I can start to ‘plank’ again, front and side!! WooHoo!

I’m hoping that if I can start to build up my muscle again I will be in less pain with my hips and knees too .. fingers crossed!

I’ve also got about 4/5 pounds to lose that have my OCD on high alert. Sitting around on my butt all the time is not what I’m used to and now my body is showing it. The Bear says I’m nutz, that there is nothing there but I see it and it drives me squirrelly.

Maybe it’s not weight (I don’t own a scale), maybe it’s just muscle that hasn’t been used and is being lost … either way I want it gone so I’m very glad to be back to working out. Slowly of course, I’m not interested in causing damage or more pain but I can start again! 😀

That’s about it, looking forward to the weekend and hoping for sunshine!






4 thoughts on “Happy Friday!!

  1. It is such a relief that things are moving forward. To see you in such pain that you couldn’t move really bothered me nijntje. To have you moving again is great as long as you don’t over due it. Love you.

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