Humm ….


Ever feel like you are the only one who ever works??? LoL





10 thoughts on “Humm ….

  1. Ugh, see anyone stealing your furniture? Those highly trained security sleepers are the ones burdened with protecting stuff (all alone) while you enjoy Goldfish with the kids. Methinks they deserve a treat for being diligent in the discharge of their duties.


    1. LoL I know, right!?!?! Poor things, they work so hard ….
      I had some fool try to come into my back yard a few weeks back, tried to tell the rotti to ‘get down’ …. lol yeah right! She only listens to her momma! đŸ˜‰
      She barked at him till I whistled for her, I left her a bit, wanted to make sure he got the message! *wink*


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