More rain …

It’s been a few rainy days now and my body is showing me just how much displeasure it feels in that fact!! LoL Darn it, just when you start to feel fairly good it starts again. Of course!

I feel like I’ve been chopping wood all weekend, my upper back, neck and shoulders are just aching and hot! I haven’t done any of that of course, didn’t even do any more seeding so not even a rake have my fingers touched! UGH

Took some naproxen yesterday but I don’t normally take anything and I plan on staying away from anything today as well. Stubborn maybe but I’m on enough other things as it is and my allergies have gone into high gear with my wonderful but oh so ‘irritating’ poplar tree in the back yard!!


See, it’s that small one in the middle!! *chuckle* I must be a glutton for punishment, with my allergies to live here! I wouldn’t trade it for the world, I like feeling like I live in the middle of nowhere … I told you the Bear and I were independent! *grin*  Maybe a bit reclusive ….

I walked around in a bit of a fog yesterday, maybe the allergies, maybe the pain pills, maybe the fact that the Bear was nice enough to share a ‘bug’ with me. That might have something to do with my pain levels, now that I think on it. Being ‘sick’ tends to make everything much more intense pain wise.

Oh well, this too shall pass. 😀

Time for coffee! And maybe an antihistamine …. I feel like I’m going to fall asleep again! Probably not good for business if I did!! LOL





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