A little story

I read something earlier that kind of rings true to this story and since I have a bit of time I think I’ll put it here and maybe give you all a little chuckle! It’s one of the few ‘good times’ I remember from my childhood so why not!

I was born in Africa, as well as my mother and her brother, my uncle. We lived there until I was about 2 … after a bit of country hopping we ended up here.

When people would find out we were from Africa they would ask ‘well, how did you live, was it all jungle, weren’t you afraid of lions’ etc. etc.

My mother being the smart arse that she is started telling¬†people that yes, we did live in the jungle. We lived in the trees and used vines to get around ….. JUST like Tarzan! Bwhahaha

They believed her …. people actually thought that THAT was all there was ….

Ignorance and gullibility at its best! *chuckle*


I admit, it does hold a huge appeal for me! I would very gladly be there, solitude, disconnected, paradise … *wink*





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