Label or no label?

I hate labels, I always have, they seem so restrictive, they make people think that the one label is all you are …. so linear, so basic a description. I don’t fit neatly into any one label and I don’t believe anyone does BUT the world often takes a label and makes it ALL you are, they look no further …. *sigh*

I’m debating whether or not to use a label with the school for my youngest. I’m not honestly sure if it will help or hinder his situation. It’s not a well understood label anyway ….

Actually, I think what I’ll do is simply continue to teach them the ‘symptoms’ and stay away from the label all together! Yes, that’s it …. that will be the best way of it for now.

It’s such a fine line we walk when trying to help our kids, trying to help others to understand but trying NOT to skew their outlook … UGH

Oh well, back at it! At least now I have a direction. Thanks for listen! LoL I always figure out what to do when I write. 😀





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