Happy Day! <3

Feeling pretty good today! Well, I’m usually feeling pretty good but …. *grin*

Today makes two full weeks of school for the youngest with NO missed days! *big grin* It may seem like small potatoes but this is a very huge step! It hasn’t happened in well over a year!

The levels of protest are going down and he doesn’t seem at all agitated or worried. Finally!

We’ve got plans this evening, all of us, to go and help the in-laws with some yard work.  It will get the boys out of the house and hopefully give them a sense of accomplishment as well. I know the youngest always feels good when he feels helpful. Not sure on the oldest, I’m sure he must as well, at least I hope so! He can use a kick in the backside for a bit more motivation lately ….

I suggested we turn it into a bbq because it’s going to be in the middle of dinner time and hangry boys (all of them) is no fun!!! LoL My MIL thought that was a great idea. I’ll prep everything before hand and that makes it a done deal! I can’t be doing any of the slugging right now but I can do this.

Happy Friday!




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