Fricken’ Kids!

**Dark humour** if this is not your kind of thing please stay away from this post. Not everyone likes dark humour and I get that but the point is the irony behind it, not that we agree with the sentiment. That said ….

My youngest is quite the clown and tends to share the dark humour of his mother (oldest too, but youngest is the one here now).

So the Bear and I are sharing a bit of banter in the kitchen after dinner. He is putting away the garlic bread and I decide I would like another piece … some back and forth later He tells me ‘no bread for you’.

Now this is a Seinfeld reference and if you have never seen or heard it, it will go over your head …..

So I say, ‘what are you, the bread Nazi’??

The youngest pipes up from the other room …. ‘Ummm, bread generally goes in the toaster …’

‘Yes’ I said, still not following …

“Not the oven, …therefor Nazi does not apply.’

All this with a straight face and no change in voice! Darn Kid! LoL

As for the oldest, today he brought me this:

That’s what he was listening to after dinner! LoL Now it’s stuck in my head!!! *chuckle*

Never a dull moment!






9 thoughts on “Fricken’ Kids!

  1. Music wise, the kid has good taste. I can pretty much count on any American child probably not getting either of the other references. Education in many ways down here in the lower 48 leaves a lot to be desired, alas.

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    1. Yeah, not sure the education system is doing much for my two either. They do like to learn things on their own however and the info inside those minds is very impressive indeed! 😀

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      1. The youngest, yes but he has always been more of the ‘observing’ type. He is happy to go by unnoticed until he NEEDS to speak up. ‘Dry’ and understated has been him from very little.

        The oldest likes to jump in head first and rarely stops talking long enough to listen. He gets so wrapped up in his own thoughts that he forgets everything else. He’s learning, we all have our personalities.

        Keeps the world from being boring, that’s for sure!! LoL


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