Didn’t want to jinx it!!

I’ve been on a bit of a ‘high’ the last few days but I haven’t written because I didn’t want to jinx it! I hope this doesn’t now!!! Shhh …


W (youngest) is actually going to have a friend over this evening!!! I know you’re thinking so? He’s 16, I’m sure he’s had a ‘play date’ before …. Well W hasn’t had any friends over that I can recall in 2 years or more! Not since we started having all of these issues with anxiety and stress and that darn episode at school!

This IS HUGE!!!

He’s always had issues to overcome, right from the very beginning of life but these last few years have been excruciating. First it was dealing with the tornado that was his brother before we got help, then the school episode and the spiral down into a huge panic cycle, anxiety that was crippling and completely closing himself off from the rest of the world.

From mid February we finally started moving in the right direction and now the first of June he is being social and inviting someone into his personal space! He’s in school most days and I think I’ve only called him in twice in over 3 weeks! A lot better than twice or three times per week.

So yes, big steps forward and a big difference in his life. He is more social, more talkative and still as smart @ss!! Very funny and very smart and now he gets to enjoy a bit of life as well.

But shhhhh, don’t say a word, I don’t want to jinx it! *grin*





8 thoughts on “Didn’t want to jinx it!!

    1. It did, it did!! LoL I could hear them laughing and joking away. It was so nice to see him enjoying life again. Thank you Angel! Enjoy your weekend as well. 😀


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