reminder to self

I have a friend I need to call, I need to reach out and I need to let her know I’m still here.

I know she knows, she’s one of those people. One of those people who only sees the best in people, only wishes for the best in people despite her own hardships. A really good person, almost innocent feeling when I am with her.

I don’t mean she doesn’t understand or hasn’t been through plenty of stuff that would make most of us ‘hard’ and closed off, oh no, she has …. she just chooses to stay ‘free’ in her thinking and feeling.

For some reason she sees something in me that gives her strength. Funny since I see something in her that gives me strength!

We learn and grow and lean on each other and if we are wise we move forward and look back long enough to give a hand up to the next person.

So i have a friend, and I need to give her a call. She thinks I’m the strong one! LoL





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