Today’s Laugh

Well, I found it funny anyway! *shakes head*

So I’m having my water heater replaced this morning and the guy doing it was very nice, very respectful and very informative. So far so good, right?

He let’s me know that there is a chance that the shut off valve I have may start leaking once it is closed up and if so it will need to be replaced. It’s old and has served it’s purpose but chances are it is spent and this will be the time it shows us so. Very well, all is still good.

So he shuts the water off, sure enough it starts to leak. Going to have to be replaced, yup just as we figured ….

The guy proceeds to cut the pipes and remove the old water tank, now the valve is doing nothing to keep the water back pretty much …. it’s now that he informs me that he does not have a new valve with him and is going to have to go back to the office to get one.

“Let’s hope I can be back before the bucket is full …” He says, as he hangs a large pail up by the shut off and leaves.


*wry chuckle* Here I am with both wrists braced and my shoulders are barely letting me get around and he has now left me in a very interesting position hasn’t he?? Have you ever tried lifting a large pail of water over your head, because that thing is up above my head! LoL

Let’s hope he is back before the pail is full, or full enough to fall off!

He started off on a really good roll!




9 thoughts on “Today’s Laugh

  1. Remind me and I’ll explain to the gentleman how to make this hot water heater last (basically) forever. For now, make sure he puts three bricks (or boards or whatever) under the bottom of this one. By making that triangle it will balance and let air flow under it. Put them on the edge of the tank in such a fashion that they support as much of the edge as possible.

    Good luck ma’am.

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    1. I see where you’re going with this and it sounds like a great idea, however …. the guy has already installed it and re-plumbed it and I’m not about to take it all apart now!

      If it was mine I might consider it but we decided to go with a rental this time around so I don’t think I’m even allowed to touch it TBH! LoL The good news is that as a rental they pay for and fix everything at no additional cost to me.


      1. lol here you can! and I can write it off because of my work, and they cover all the costs that might be associated with maintenance and replacement when needed.

        AND they are here the same day or next, almost without fail! Kind of hard to pass up. LoL The only reason we didn’t rent this one was because it came with the house.


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