Introverts, Extroverts and the world

I had this conversation the other day with my soon to be sister-in-law. She was trying to explain to me what it’s like for an introvert to be and deal with the world.

Apparently I’m still good at hiding …. LoL

I have a feeling she has figured it out now, she might of course just forget for the next social event. Not that is matters much to me.

I’m thinking of this now because the end of the school year is fast approaching and that means plans and schedules and courses of action need to be thought out. Meetings with the administration need to be set up and attended. People-ing …… lots and lots of people-ing.

Although I’m very good at it I really DO NOT enjoy it, any of it! I would much rather be sitting in my back yard with a good book and my dogs.ย 

See, just me, in there …. quiet, secluded, perfect!

Conversations, phone calls, meetings, small talk … those things do not energize and refresh me. They are exhausting and eventually mind numbing.

I prefer to live inside my head, I don’t often need or enjoy socializing. *sigh*

But things need to be handled and so people-ing I shall do!

The Bear is the extrovert, He likes people, He likes socializing. LoL I remember when we first got together and one day His idea of a good time was to go visit His parents. I was a bit confused, was something wrong?? They need some help??

No, He says, just for a visit!

That just confused me even more! On SOOO many levels …. LMAO

Oh well. Cheers!





5 thoughts on “Introverts, Extroverts and the world

  1. I should mention, my SIL is hugely extroverted! She was trying to explain how they are different than ‘we’ and how we need to try and see and understand ‘their’ point of view! *giggle* umhum

    Admirable, but ironic …. LoL

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