Lord, love a duck!

The oldest has just informed me that he took an IQ test, a rather realistic looking one based on the questions and ideals of the original. OK.

He took it at 2 am and probably half asleep because I know I got him up early that day. He still manged to score ‘extremely intellectually’ blah blah blah ….

I just looked at him plainly, ‘Umm, I know.’

We proceeded to have an interesting conversation then about how things are, how things seem and how difficult it can be for people in this category. Umm, yup ….

Then I reminded him of the last 8 years of appointments and meetings and out of school days. I clued him in on the fact that, that’s the reason some of his teachers would push him for more and more.

I also told him that Dad and I chose not to tell anyone specifically for that reason. That people tend to put unrealistic expectations on people who get labeled and that we wanted to protect him (them) from that.

I let him know that I have been trying to help him navigate this ‘time’ and ‘people’ over and over but he always seems to fight me instead of listening.

‘You know don’t you’?

Well, yes I do but counsel you through this is all I can do, the rest is up to you. I know people get frustrated when you never seem to be wrong, I know your friends leave you, I know adults get angry … I know. I know the school system sucks in regards to this because people are imperfect BUT you haven’t done anything at all to help yourself. Now you understand why Dad and I are so frustrated.

‘Thank you’. he says

**** **** ****

So far today he has done his school work, for real! He has had a decent conversation with me and shown some respect. He has helped move some mulch around in the yard too! It’s hot as h3ll out there so more than a few minutes is not healthy, but he worked as long as I asked without complaint.

Are we finally getting some where??





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