Rotties and Shepherds, oh my!!

I love having these two around, I know they have saved my sanity on more than one occasion! The Rotti is at my side without fail come what may, she’s always good for a laugh too. Just like a Rott!

Going out and leaving the boys home became much more comfortable when we got the dogs, there is no lie about that! The Rotti is your best friend until you do something you shouldn’t, then she takes care of business like there is no tomorrow! She’s the hunter and the protector, she my ‘right hand’!

The shepherd will stand behind her and cheer her on, all the way!!! *smirk* She looks the part though, so there is that! LoL

But I swear I vacuum every darn day and you just can’t tell! There is a small break in the humidity today so I have opened some windows to change the air in the house. Out of no where come legions of ‘fur bunnies’! Oh MY!!

I kid you not! If I take the Shepherd out for a brush, in no time at all there is a pile of fur on the ground that looks like someone just massacred a shih tzu! Good gravy! LoL Oh well, good thing they’re cute! I haven’t even touched on the cats or kids …. *wink*





4 thoughts on “Rotties and Shepherds, oh my!!

      1. LoL If that’s the way YOU want to do it, so be it! ;P I prefer not to, thank you! And I’m not one of those people who lets them kiss my face either so, …. *raspberries*


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