New day, better day!

Having a better day today, thank goodness. Spent yesterday resting and staying away from negative information and people. I ended up having a cold and that’s probably half the reason my mood was foul. It happens ….

Lots of mental and physical down time and I seem to be back and hopping today! *grin*

Had a check up today to see how I’m doing. Everything is looking pretty good. My BP is ‘ok’, no need to change things. My body is responding to the meds and I’m able to move around relatively pain-free. I’ve added exercise like I posted before and that’s still going well. I’ve added weights as I’ve said before. The doctor mentioned to be careful with that. Weights can pull the tendons away from the bone and cause damage. If that happens then ‘your screwed’ he said! *chuckle* I love this guy … have I said that before!?!?

The conversation turned to the boys. W (youngest) is doing well, adjusting to his meds well and adjusting to being back in society, school etc. He is still not very social but he has his group of friends and that’s all any of us really needs after all. Just a few good friends is all it takes, not hundreds of followers or online ‘friends’. Real ones …

I did ask him out right something that I haven’t really posted here. I asked him if he felt that the youngest has mild Asperger’s. He wasn’t surprised and didn’t skip a beat, like he was waiting for me to come to it myself or something. Anyway, the answer was ‘I’m not qualified to make the call BUT I will refer you to someone who can, if you like’.

I then asked if there was any good reason to follow this through and have him ‘labelled’. (You all should know by now how I feel about labels, but there is a time and place when they do come in handy.) His answer was two-fold, and valuable.

In high school you might not help much, depends on the people we have to deal with BUT it will go a long way in explaining why online from home courses are needed. Secondly, if he’s not labelled this way he’ll simply be labeled as a ‘trouble maker’, because his needs are different. Fair enough!

In university however, they do have programs and allowances for this type of learning. There are courses and assignment changes that are better suited for people in this situation so that they can have the space and place to work and learn. Again, fair enough.

Then he says to me that it’s not something we need to change exactly and that W will/needs to learn how to deal, manage and understand others. Just like I did ….. *smirk* Did I mention I love this guy?!?!?! LoL

I figured out how to mange and make it through and W will too, but this can help to ease the progression. If W doesn’t have to go through the pain and anguish I did in getting here than I think this might be a good choice.

There were a few other things we discussed and a lot about A (oldest) as well. I thought I was going to get into that but I think I’m spent for now and I think I will leave it where it is.

The short and long of it was that we are on the same wave length of thinking, he feels my physical recovery is on track and that I’m doing the best possible for both boys.

Oh, just one thing. I don’t just make it through, I have found my peace and joy and I can honestly say that although I don’t ‘belong’ anywhere I don’t honestly want to. I have found that there is more to life than being part of ‘a’ group. Being part of none allows me to experience all of them. To me that is a much fuller and well-balanced way of life.

I think there might be another rabbit hopping about here who has found the same way of thinking! *wink* All I can say to you is that it really is freeing and it really does bring joy. 😀





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