Changes in the wind?

I did it, I put my brand spankin’ new resume to use.

The job has been posted for a little while already, for all I know it is already filled but I sent the darn thing out!

Just to one place, there are others out there and I found one that would be part-time. Might be a better option for me, give me the flexibility to take time and heal before having to go back at it. My body doesn’t always want to cooperate, let’s face it!

The boys will have a shock to their system, that’s for sure but I think it might be a good shock. Even to the youngest.

Is it odd that my biggest issue is actually letting down the people who are expecting me back in September? Yikes! It’s the end of July, if I’m going to ‘move on’ I really need to let them all know NOW, finding someone to take care of your kids is not a last-minute affair!

There, I said it …. that’s my issue. I don’t want to let down those who are counting on me! I know, everyone will say I have to do what’s right for me and my family, my life. You’re right, but it doesn’t ease my guilt ….





2 thoughts on “Changes in the wind?

  1. Change can be good. Am certain if you didn’t return in September, your former co-workers would wish you the best and lament your absence. But they’ll cope. In this instance, it’s about you. Your needs, your best interests. Go get ’em, bunbun.

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    1. Well they are not really co-workers, they are people I babysit for. I run a home daycare, I watch their children so that they may go to work without worry or stress. If I quit they will have to find someone else to care for their ‘bundles of joy’, in effect I will be turning their world on its ear as well. :/


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