Write what you know.

When I was younger I wanted to ‘write’. Poems and lyrics mostly, stories just seemed too long and I have always had a way of saying things quickly and to the point. Made writing 27 chapters a bit difficult! *chuckle*

I don’t think anyone ever really cared for anything I wrote, I certainly didn’t get any support from home. Anything seen would have been in school and although my marks were 98 and 99 everywhere, my creative writing never showed that! LoL I can laugh now but at the time it really was hurtful because even then I think I could have used writing as a coping mechanism for my struggles.

I put my pen and paper away and never looked back until …. One day I thought to try again. Everything was still on paper, many of them still in the Bear’s top drawer I bet! *wink* Eventually it got to be a very large pile of papers with stories the rest of the family really did not need to find so, here I am.

With His encouragement I started writing again but this time I used advice that I had heard some where. Read actually, I read it in the book “little women” a novel by Louisa May Alcott. The advice was to Joe, the female lead. ‘Write what you know’. Very simple really but so hard to do ….. There are a lot of similarities between Joe and I really, maybe that’s why the advice made sense.

When I started writing here it was just about what is on my mind, what I see and how it reflects on the world around me. I don’t often take long to put a post together and I don’t often edit for anything more than grammar and spelling because I want what ‘it’ is to just flow. Just like I was talking to you all, in person.

I don’t make up stories and I don’t try to give advice, I write from what I have been through, what I’ve seen and what I know.

I don’t get many comments ‘here’ but I have heard that my writing is actually not too bad after all. I guess Alcott was right, write what you know, write what you feel.





2 thoughts on “Write what you know.

  1. ‘Write what you know’ has always been great advice for someone starting out. It’s the one thing that most people ignore, even though its right in front of them.

    I too don’t get too many comments (other than from you and my girl of course), but I don’t really let that be a barometer of what’s acceptable or what’s being taken to heart, enjoyed or whatever. People have loved many different forms of writing over the years without making so much as a comment or peep, yet some are the most beloved and well known regardless.

    -You- have a unique view on your life. I appreciate every time I see that you’ve posted, because again I get to share in it and see what you’re up to. It brightens my day when I get to read you. I’d miss it if it were gone. So please, do keep at it. Thanks, wabbit!

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    1. Thanks, M! Writing here and ‘there’ has become part of who I am now, I’m not sure I could stop. Not right now anyway. 🙂 I enjoy it but it’s also great therapy! My head is much clearer and calmer after I get to share what’s inside. It is still nice to know you’d be missed though! *big grin* Thank you again my friend.


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