Two more weeks …

… and I’m not looking forward to it!

Two more weeks til school starts, two more weeks til work starts. I never did hear back from the job I sent off to and it’s too late now to pursue others. It wouldn’t be fair to the families counting on me. I have started telling them this will be my last year though. Forcing my own hand for next summer I suppose but that’s really what I need so might as well run with it! LoL

The youngest is set to do two courses in school and two online from home. He wants to try this out and see if it works well for him, he may or may not go back to in class full-time. That’s up in the air for next semester. He is currently scheduled for 2 and 2 then as well but I’ll change that if he chooses to go back.

I was hoping/am hoping to have him tested for Asperger’s but so far he doesn’t want to see anyone. There are many reasons why it could be helpful to have the piece of paper but I’m not going to push it. Having to re-explain to each new teacher and principle is a bit of  pain in the rear but it’s not worth causing any regression.

The oldest is set for classes but I know he has no want to be in that school, or any other. I had sent out a message to the VP in June but he never got back to me. Such helpful people at times really make me want to scream, but that’s not helpful, is it?

This year brings with it two new VPs and a new principle. That means I have to start all over again trying to explain the situation with the oldest (well both) and hope to work out something that works to fit our needs. Here’s to hoping the new VP is much more helpful and invested than the last.

My physical state hasn’t changed much. I’m still working on strengthening and building muscle and that seems to be going well. Doing too much will still set me on my back side and the weather and viruses take a huge toll. The fibro makes it that I am much more susceptible to things because my immunity is already compromised. You can imagine how much I’m looking forward to working with small children during the school year (lots of ‘bug’ sharing) and during cold and flu season! Yikes!!

The connective tissue disorder blows everything out of the water when it flares up, which is every time one of those triggers happens. Even trying to hold a glass of water sends shooting pain through my wrists and arms. Every other muscle group is affected as well, I’ll let your imagination take it from here. Let’s just say it’s hard to get away from pain.

Good thing I’m stubborn! *wink*

My head is pounding, the weather has changed again. I think I’ll end this here.

I was hoping to write to keep me going today because at the moment I can’t do much else but it seems that for now I won’t be much good at anything. Maybe some quiet time. I think I’ll go and try that!




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