And so it begins ….

I’ve been waiting on a call or email from the school since this time last week. So far, nothing.

I have to get my oldest set up for school and I can’t do it alone. His previous emotional trauma has made it so he has no interest in an ‘in class’ approach to school right now. Frankly I’m on board with that. He is misunderstood at school anyway and now labelled as a trouble maker as well. I really don’t see any good coming out of forcing him back into a classroom where he will once again be bullied.

Last time they wanted to set him up with adult learning courses. Convenient for them but not so much user-friendly for a child. The courses like chemistry and physics aren’t available either which means he would have to take subjects he is not interested in and would not further his schooling carrier anyway.

I’m trying again for contact today and I’m putting my foot down as much as possible to have him enrolled in the high school on-line curriculum.

It seems my job here at home is not yet done, I’ve given up my search for a new job and will be staying home at least one more year.

Hopefully the transition for the youngest will be okay and hopefully I can get the oldest back on his feet as well.

I have yet to convince the youngest to go and see someone about his ‘learning style’ I’m calling it. If I can get the paper work that says Asperger’s I will have less hoops to jump through. Right now it’s just my say so. I do have a note from the doctor that says ‘personality disorder’ but he is not qualified to make the diagnosis officially.

Registration is today and tomorrow. I’m waiting to see if I hear anything. I’ll have to be in there tomorrow to register the youngest so I guess it may end up a day full of ‘people’ for me. If I still get no response I’ll have to go in the office and introduce myself. *chuckle*

We all know how I love ‘peopleing’!





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