Fibro & CTD = TIRED!!!

The weather has been a real pain lately, with ups and downs in heat, humidity, cold and fog. My body and brain have followed suit! I have tried every trick i know, getting rest, using relaxation methods to ensure better sleep. Trying not to over do it with physical work and continuing with workouts and … Continue reading Fibro & CTD = TIRED!!!

Am I that ‘old’??? Or are people losing all sense ….

Sometimes all you can do is shake your head. My brother has been basically stalked by this woman for a few weeks. She saw him at the grocery store and decided she wanted him i guess ... anyhow. Eventually and after a few weeks she basically shows up at his house. Pretty much uninvited. Being … Continue reading Am I that ‘old’??? Or are people losing all sense ….


I haven't written here in a while and i think it's because i'm just actively avoiding the whole thing in my mind. I don't want to put energy into writing it down because i just don't think i have any 'extra' energy left for this right now. I've been back to work since the beginning … Continue reading Avoiding


My mind starts to take over The world seems to drift below me thoughts, circling .... never-ending train continues to whirl about I'm sick, I'm fevered, I'm tired, but yet my mind continues Refusing to give me peace, Refusing to give me rest Refusing to give me a moment of silence ....   A never-ending … Continue reading Caged