Am I really *that* confusing???

Ever feel like you are talking to the wall?

I have said essentially the same thing over and over since June about trying to get my oldest the courses and help he needs to get his high school credits.

I have been sent and driven all over hell’s half-acre to try to talk to and set up the process with a variety of different people.

I have ended up at the same place time and time again and had to begin the process over again and again ….

He does not want to be in the class room, *you* people have emotionally traumatized my child! He should not be shoved into some program for adults who never finished school just because you screwed up! Fix it!! Give him what he needs, give him the courses online.

If they can’t figure this out this time they may just get the above, unfiltered version ….

UGH! Am I really that hard to understand??d17adba0071ed7a76e515a26a18a1eceCheers!




2 thoughts on “Am I really *that* confusing???

  1. It’s not you, wabbit. It’s just that the concept is so far outside of their normal box, they’re having a difficult time wrapping their heads around it. They expect easy solutions to difficult problems. Spending time and effort on excessively difficult situations isn’t in their DNA, regrettably.

    Keep up the work. Don’t take no for an answer. Squeaky wheel and all that. Best of luck.

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    1. Thanks for the encouragement! I’m not used to being squeaky, I’m used to taking care of business! This is annoying to say the least! UGH

      Got another email, back to square one, can you imagine!?!?! LoL Good Lord I’m going to lose it on someone, soon! 😛 Good news is, I think this might be the last stop before an actual decision that deals with what *I* need, finally!

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