My mind starts to take over

The world seems to drift below me

thoughts, circling …. never-ending train continues to whirl about

I’m sick, I’m fevered, I’m tired, but yet my mind continues

Refusing to give me peace,

Refusing to give me rest

Refusing to give me a moment of silence ….


A never-ending barrage of ideas, reasons, words ….

things yet to accomplish, things yet to say,

things yet to be put into words …

ALWAYS things, on my mind.

The more the thoughts take over, the further the rest of the world seems to be

away from me ….


Thoughts circling, my mind ensnared ….

Caged in my own head.







9 thoughts on “Caged

    1. Thank you, Kis! This is just the way my mind works, I don’t mind usually, I like it in here. LoL The trick is to be sure not to get so far removed that I lose touch with the rest of the world. The Bear is the link between the two for me, always has been. That, and I gave in and took some Tylenol for my fever! LoL That gave me a bit more energy and a few more *marbles* to work with! I’m doing good, hope you are as well! πŸ™‚

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