Normal, right?!?

My brother and I talk just about every day. He has me on an app that allows texting even though I don’t own a cell phone, it comes to my computer (or whatever device) I happen to be logged into. 

Today he texts: ‘My son wants to come live with you, if I die. He doesn’t want to live with his mother.’

‘Sure’ I say, ‘absolutely. I can’t say that I blame him.’

This is your normal family convo, isn’t it?? It is around these parts!

Oh, and then he said, ‘morning!’ *chuckle*

I said ‘why, are you planning on dying?’ and he said ‘No, but I wasn’t planning on having the question asked of me either.’

This should prove to be an interesting battle with the mother if it was to come down to happening, if she can weasel some more money out of the government for it. Of course if he is an adult by then and there is no money to be had I doubt she’ll give a rat’s @ss!

These are issues that are part of my every day. What about you? This is ‘normal’ everyday stuff, right?!? 




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