Am I that ‘old’??? Or are people losing all sense ….

Sometimes all you can do is shake your head.

My brother has been basically stalked by this woman for a few weeks. She saw him at the grocery store and decided she wanted him i guess … anyhow.

Eventually and after a few weeks she basically shows up at his house. Pretty much uninvited. Being polite he invites her (and her daughter, awkward) in for a short chat.

In the middle of this the Bear and I show up, he needed help moving something heavy so had asked if we could pop in. There she was …..

I had no idea who this woman was and since she was looking rather comfortable there, with her kid, I thought I would make nice and chat while the boys were at work with the heavy lifting. She must be a friend of his ….. right?

Eventually she did leave, had some shopping to do i guess, and that’s when P gave us the low down of the situation! Ummm, okay, weird!

Well apparently she returned after we had left. Long story short, during the evening she gave her child of 17 alcohol and sat there while she ‘rolled one’. Not batting an eye like it was all great fun and ‘normal’. WHAT?!?!?

P has tried and tried to send her away nicely apparently but she has now ramped up her stalking. She calls/texts dozens of times a day and won’t take no for an answer. He has now ‘ghosted’ ……

If these are the new social norms I would prefer to be considered very out dated, thank you!





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