Fibro & CTD = TIRED!!!

The weather has been a real pain lately, with ups and downs in heat, humidity, cold and fog. My body and brain have followed suit!

I have tried every trick i know, getting rest, using relaxation methods to ensure better sleep. Trying not to over do it with physical work and continuing with workouts and stretching to stay mobile but still ….

Despite being exhausted and very sore my mood is still good, i think ….Β  if i can focus and remember i’ll let you know! LoL

I have an appointment to get to tomorrow for the youngest. I hope i can stay awake well enough to register whatever it is we decide and need to know going forward!

My sleep is broken but at least i get some, i still feel like a zombie regardless. I have had one virus or another since mid August. A low fever every day, usually in the evenings and all i want to do right now is sleep.

The boys are ‘okay’ i guess. Honestly i haven’t the energy or focus to do much about it right now anyway. I’m going through the motions but i feel like a voyeur looking in …. it all seems surreal. It’s the Fibro-fog i guess. I think CTD also plays a part in that, i really can’t remember right now.

Doc did say some time ago that with fibro the body might be able to cure itself, with help of course. I hope he’s right on that. Until then, i’ll just keep trying.

Biding my time today until i can curl up into a Bear and maybe recoup.




2 thoughts on “Fibro & CTD = TIRED!!!

  1. Thank goodness for your positive mood. A lesser person wouldn’t stand a chance. Mother nature may be against you, the cats may be against you but still your mood is good. You outlook is inspiring nijntje. πŸ˜€ Bear

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    1. The cat(s) is lucky she acts like a service animal to W, or she might not like me much at 2 and 3 am! πŸ˜› Darn animals ….

      They say life is what you make it, i choose to make it happy as often as i can! *wink*


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