Confusion, irony? Both …

My child, he is something else …. 

The oldest, A, is completely fed up with school. He hates the work, he hates the idea of it all. A waste of time and effort as far as he’s concerned. No point or reason for it …. 

He hasn’t done any of it and refuses to go to any classroom, not after what he’s been through. Fair enough, I really can’t argue with him on that. 

But …… 

He’s now reading the works of Marcus Aurelius. On his own, for fun and information. 

It’s not that he doesn’t want to learn, our education system just needs to start teaching, instead of preaching …. 




8 thoughts on “Confusion, irony? Both …

      1. LoL Indeed! Makes the fact that they have religious fanatics all that much more ironic! I do enjoy a good wry laugh here and there … at their expense. Can’t wait till the kids are done.


  1. My nephew was the same way when he was in high school. Smart, loved reading about things on his own (and can tell you every detail of the Roman empire from military strategy to how their houses were constructed) but hated the structure of school.

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    1. Yeah, the regimented approach is not really great for his personality type but even still there have been a few teachers that really brought out his creative enthusiasm.
      The issue here is mostly the narrow minded tunnel vision. Having an opinion that hasn’t been ‘provided for you’ leads to some very vicious backlash. All this by the ‘adults’ in the situation, so the other kids follow suit. One big mess in the end, sadly.

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