Feeling Good

I’ve been feeling pretty good for a while now. Mentally that is, physically it’s been a battle but I’ve already written about that! *chuckle*

Mentally I’ve been in a great space, even better than normal. The youngest seems to really have figured out his footing for now and is even contemplating going on a school field trip!  It’s in two days and he hasn’t given the ok yet so my guess is he won’t go BUT he’s thinking about it! THAT is a huge step …. normally anything out of the ordinary ‘in class’ stuff triggers him to come home. So like I said,BIG step forward even if it is just in thought.

His courses are also up to date, or almost anyway, I haven’t checked yet this week but he has been making great progress there as well.  There isn’t too much push back when it’s time to work and since 3 out of 4 courses are at home, that a good thing! *chuckle*

This has freed my mind up to think on other things, or in this case relax! I’m asking more of him without having to second guess every word or possible trigger by adding stress. I can speak to him as my son without having to calculate the risk. We can just ‘talk’, on a personal level and connect. *smiles* Maybe that’s why I’m on such a high!

In other news, the Bear and I have talked and decided that perhaps finding a job outside the home is not such a great idea after all. Although things are great there are always surprises and it is nice to deal with those quickly before they escalate! Secondly, any appointments can be done while I’m free during the day time and that also takes away stress and allows for much more free time in the evenings! Thirdly, I’ve finally gotten myself in a position that I can work part-time (just a few hours before school and a few hours after) and have all holidays and summers off. That’s what I have wanted and worked towards for so long, why give that up now?

Having last summer off really gave me the time I needed to heal and build strength. I can’t imagine what I would be going through now if I hadn’t been able to recharge. Good days saw me taking care of inside and outside chores and again MORE free time for us together afterwards!

He says I deserve this. Why would a bunny argue with a Bear?!?! LoL

I have some news about work too, I’ve started managing it differently and I find I’m much happier there too! My hands are stiff though and my shoulder is screaming at me so I’m going to stop here for now.

dscn0989Maybe I’ll take a walk out back and see if my toad lilies are opening up yet.  Something about them always makes me smile. Maybe because they are just blooming and standing tall while everything else around them is falling ….

That’s my inspiration for today, hope you have one too!




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