Fibro, CTD and other ‘pains in the butt’! LoL

WP has changed my ‘publisher’, anyone know how to change it back? I really dislike this one … UGH

Anyway, I’ve been having a hard time lately physically and these viruses that plague me are partially to blame i’m sure. Fibro makes me more susceptible to catching them and makes my body work much harder to be rid of them. The result? I can’t be rid of them, it’s one on top of another, on and on! (In case you missed that last post.)

I had a few really rough days early this week but i am rebounding so that begins today’s thought! 

I had a chance to do a decent workout yesterday, got to do some weights and even upped them a small bit! Progress, yays! 

Today when i got up my upper back and shoulder was just screaming at me in pain. Everything was pretty stiff and movement was not easy. So what to do? Stretches and workout or sit this one out because i’m already sore? 

I opted to do the workout, although slightly modified, and stretches for certain. I muscled through the pain at the beginning and I’m feeling better already. I’m more mobile and in much less pain. I can still feel the ache of course but nothing like it was.

For me, the lesson is ‘don’t stop’. I could sit here and complain and suffer or i can try to do something about it. I choose to act when i can and i hate pain killers so …. it’s important to be knowledgeable about what strength building exercises you are doing and what stretches you should focus on as well but once you have that, try! 

I don’t know if i can ‘fix’ this thing that has me right now, i know the CTD is not curable but there is no doubt in my mind that trying to remain physically fit is making everything just that much more manageable in the mean time. 

Now, time to get some ice on these muscles so that i might move another day! *wink* 

Be strong, keep moving … at the very least it will help keep a better mental outlook! 




7 thoughts on “Fibro, CTD and other ‘pains in the butt’! LoL

    1. Moving is very under-rated in the general public I think. Medical and fitness professionals know it but for some reason the public at large still feels it’s too much ‘work’. The truth is any amount of moving is better than no moving, and when you start it really does take on a life of its own! *wink*

      It doesn’t need to be long or complicated to be helpful, you just need to take the first step. I’m glad you found some motivation here …. now …. MOVE! LoL

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      1. Walking is good, better than sitting all day no question! Unless you are raising your heart rate though it doesn’t really count as exercise. Swimming is great for that and resistance training, but if you can do that right away try some basic moves like squats or sprints up and down any staircases you encounter! 😀 You’d be amazed what sprinting instead of walking can do!

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      2. LoL Yes ma’am, it is! My doctor once told me ‘i’m a big girl, I can do what i want BUT …. he would prefer NOT to meet me in the emergency room. You know, after a stroke’.
        He’s a pain in the @ss, but he’s right. *shrug* LoL

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