Every time …

Every time there is something to be done, some appointment, some assessment, some chore .... a class, a meet, anything .... in this case a dental appointment for a simple cleaning. Every time one of these things comes up i don't know what i'm going to get in regards to the youngest. Teen behaviour in … Continue reading Every time …


If you can’t beat them ….

I haven't written about my oldest in a while so i thought i'd just update a bit. He's doing rather well in life in general, schooling is another story. He has really matured in the last 6 months or so, he's more or less moved himself in with his girlfriend although he will argue he … Continue reading If you can’t beat them ….


According to my personality profile i don't often 'feel' much, but when i do, i feel deeply. Maybe that's why i find myself going deeper into my head these days. I live in an area that is pretty conservative, especially people my age and older. Our Canadian government is pretty progressive (or at least that's … Continue reading Shameful