Problem …. ?

I have always believed that things are very often what you make them. Your perception is often just as important if not more so than the actual situation.

I happen to work with children and they are always more than happy and able to remind me of that little tidbit of wisdom!

Just as many other yards in spring time my back yard has dandelions … a real problem, right?

Well, one of the little people that I work with doesn’t seem to think so! *chuckle*Β 

I guess she must think I’m pretty cool too, worthy of such a glorious crown of sunshine!!Β 

So is this issue a problem, or a creative possibility!?!?Β 





4 thoughts on “Problem …. ?

  1. Creative possibility for sure! I know plenty who love dandelions… adults included. They are certainly better then poison in your yard. They smell good, plus every part is edible. 😁😁😁

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    1. The back yard has it’s fair share!! The yard looks like a park and i think they just add to the atmosphere so they stay … besides, think of all the hairbands i’d miss out on and ‘salon’ treatments *giggle*

      They make a mess of my hair and set off my allergies just terribly but the kids love it so that’s what we do. LoL

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  2. Just woke up, a little bleary-eyed, but as usual your blog popped up in my reader first. Good thing too! The last couple of days I’ve been looking at my yard, as well as the neighbors and seeing the dandelions popping up willy-nilly all through our respective lawns. Now the neighbor directly to the west bought the house about 7-8 years ago and took over lawn care from his predecessor, who used a commercial outfit that sprayed the lawn several times a year. They never had dandelions, except where their lawn encountered mine (I don’t do anything especially expensive with mine, and it shows) but they never complained (fortunately). My other two neighbors, to the east and north, don’t do anything especially out of the way with their lawns (the neighbors to the east rent the house and the one’s to the north are separated by a fence) so every spring there are dandelions galore.

    I think like many others, I’ve heard that killing dandelions enmasse in order to have a lush, green lawn is a no-no, due to the need of dandelions for the bees. Apparently that’s a misnomer, since bees don’t necessarily need dandelions for their respective honeys. I did a little digging this morning (as I tend to do), and came upon an article on a website from last year. Not positive if it’s the -definitive- opinion, but it certainly makes sense. So, if you want to excise your dandelions, go ahead. But they do, in a way, make a nice yellow contrast to the greenery of your lawn that’s already in place. As well as any other things you might have growing in your beds.

    And as minnie mentioned, they make a decent tea. Or salad.

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    1. Well, i don’t know about bees and what not but i do prefer to let nature do it’s thing as much as i can manage.

      The front yard is clear of weeds but that’s mainly due to feeding the lawn and pulling out the weeds by hand, the back yard is much more ‘au naturel’. I do like to see the yellow here and there but to be honest we don’t really have many this year. Not yet anyway … she brought most of those from the school yard. I’m sure they’ll be around!

      I haven’t had the tea but i have had them in salad! I often joke that since we don’t use pesticides we could package and sell them as organic! *grin* Good morning πŸ™‚

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