Things I have learned …

… from little people! I work with little ones and I have to get them to school on time. This morning as usual, I announced that we had 10 more minutes until we had to pack up and be ready to head off.

“Ten minutes? I LOVE ten minutes …. ‘ comes the response from one of the little ones. *chuckle*

He didn’t whine that there was only ten minutes, he didn’t try to argue or barter for more. 

He didn’t sit and wallow that it wasn’t enough time or that he really just needed more. 

He didn’t complain at all, he was ecstatic that he HAD ten minutes and he made the best of every last one! 

Once we headed off to school he was happy and ready. Not pouting or feeling like he was missing anything in life. He was just enjoying what he DID have, that’s all there was to it. 

Now, to en devour to remember this lesson. 🙂 

I swear, I’ve never seen anyone so happy about ten minutes ….. *chuckle* 




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