Exam prep …

Getting ready for the exams and the end of the school year! Yays! We have made some great strides and i’m hoping that will continue.

A main difference between now and before things got into a tail spin is that i find myself unapologetically emailing and contacting people on W’s behalf.

He mentioned some time ago very laughingly that on one of his exams it took him longer to figure out which ‘line was the red one’ than it did to answer what it stood for. You see, W is colour blind and the exam included labeling things based on their colour! Obviously the teacher missed the fact that he is colour blind on his file.

This year i made sure to remind the science teacher a few days ago, giving him ample time to make adjustments should this exam also include questions based on colours! LoL Studying the circulation system and cells etc. could lend itself very easily to those types of questions i would say.

In the past i would have felt pushy or bothersome having to tell and remind people and ask (it seems) a million questions but now i just don’t really focus on that. I focus on the fact that i am advocating for my child and doing what needs to be done.

It’s harder without a doctor that backs me up but i have old notes and files that i rely on and i’m hopeful we will start to get some answers come November.

We are on a list for a doc then and i’m hoping to finally begin to get somewhere. Not only for him, but also for myself! W will be 18 next year and the pediatrician will no longer be his doctor anyway.

That’s about all that’s rattling in my head right now … time to get back to organizing and preparing i suppose!





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