An afternoon well spent!

I spent the afternoon out side watching little ones blow the dandelion seeds about! The simplicity of joy ...... Too bad so many of us lose that ability as we get older. Sorry Bear!!! LoL Cheers! ~n  


Feeling … bleh!

I hate 'feelings', I'm not very good at working off of feelings, I prefer logic. Feelings usually complicate an otherwise simple situation, make things harder to 'see' and harder to manage. I hate feelings .... I had a doctor's appointment last Thursday and the first question he asked me after checking on the boy's progress … Continue reading Feeling … bleh!

More rain …

It's been a few rainy days now and my body is showing me just how much displeasure it feels in that fact!! LoL Darn it, just when you start to feel fairly good it starts again. Of course! I feel like I've been chopping wood all weekend, my upper back, neck and shoulders are just … Continue reading More rain …