We did it!!

After much time and much patience W (the youngest) came up and asked if he could go to the show with friends! He even said that if we couldn't give him a ride out he could get one with his buddy and family! Wow, seriously folks, wow! This is great news. He missed our family … Continue reading We did it!!


OH, my child!

Remember when I posted about genius kids making the most stupid mistakes? LoL Yeah, it's totally like that! Let's just say that if this was April 2018 he would be in jail right about now. Cripes!! See my kid(s) are very smart and one thing commonly found in intelligent people is a very dark and … Continue reading OH, my child!


I've been having a hard time sleeping again, part of the 'right of passage' I've become aware! Not that I was ever a good sleeper, but anyway .... When I'm awake in the middle of the night and nothing else to do my mind runs a mile a minute of course, the strangest things sometimes … Continue reading Musings