Entirely Too serious

I've been hoping for some fun in life recently, some fun that keeps being just beyond my grasp. Just when I think things will settle and cards will be played and I will finally get to just be 'free' ....... it seems to come and go before my eyes. The hours and days slide by … Continue reading Entirely Too serious


Fibro & CTD = TIRED!!!

The weather has been a real pain lately, with ups and downs in heat, humidity, cold and fog. My body and brain have followed suit! I have tried every trick i know, getting rest, using relaxation methods to ensure better sleep. Trying not to over do it with physical work and continuing with workouts and … Continue reading Fibro & CTD = TIRED!!!


I haven't written here in a while and i think it's because i'm just actively avoiding the whole thing in my mind. I don't want to put energy into writing it down because i just don't think i have any 'extra' energy left for this right now. I've been back to work since the beginning … Continue reading Avoiding