We are into the second class now and W has not walked in through the door. Did he actually stay for second period today? This is most certainly his 'trigger' for the semester, if we managed to take that first step through the door we might just make 2 classes at the school this time … Continue reading Celebrate!?!


Sooo much going on ….

This week W has started semester 2 in grade 11, not exactly as I had hoped. No surprise however! He has 12 Eng and 10 Science to make up for what he missed last year in his time as a recluse. His English class is first and so he has no trouble making it, well … Continue reading Sooo much going on ….


There is something that I discovered some years ago, it's something that for people like me is a very difficult task. Asking for help. You're out there, you know who you are, you think/feel that it's weak to ask for help, it will make you vulnerable or make you seem less than. Not capable ... … Continue reading Stronger

Strike two!

Well that was a complete waste of time! And once again I get to be talked down to and blamed ..... seriously! W's second appointment with his new doctor was yesterday. I had already had a very hard time convincing him to go but we needed to refill the scripts and well, I was still hopeful … Continue reading Strike two!