Exam prep …

Getting ready for the exams and the end of the school year! Yays! We have made some great strides and i'm hoping that will continue. A main difference between now and before things got into a tail spin is that i find myself unapologetically emailing and contacting people on W's behalf. He mentioned some time … Continue reading Exam prep …


Problem …. ?

I have always believed that things are very often what you make them. Your perception is often just as important if not more so than the actual situation. I happen to work with children and they are always more than happy and able to remind me of that little tidbit of wisdom! Just as many … Continue reading Problem …. ?


According to my personality profile i don't often 'feel' much, but when i do, i feel deeply. Maybe that's why i find myself going deeper into my head these days. I live in an area that is pretty conservative, especially people my age and older. Our Canadian government is pretty progressive (or at least that's … Continue reading Shameful