Every time …

Every time there is something to be done, some appointment, some assessment, some chore .... a class, a meet, anything .... in this case a dental appointment for a simple cleaning. Every time one of these things comes up i don't know what i'm going to get in regards to the youngest. Teen behaviour in … Continue reading Every time …


A month of people-ing?? And W is kicking life’s @ss! *grin*

We're into April now and it seems that it's going to be a month of meets and greets and being around people .... If you've been around any amount of time you know that i really prefer NOT to do 'people'. It's the 'I' part of the INTJ! *chuckle* When i was a kid i … Continue reading A month of people-ing?? And W is kicking life’s @ss! *grin*


There is something that I discovered some years ago, it's something that for people like me is a very difficult task. Asking for help. You're out there, you know who you are, you think/feel that it's weak to ask for help, it will make you vulnerable or make you seem less than. Not capable ... … Continue reading Stronger