Once more, with emotion!

I found out on Sunday (4 days ago) through an instant message program, that my father is in the hospital. At the time he was in some serious risk having an adverse reaction to radiation for a tumor on the side of his brain. This was the first I'd heard about a tumor, or radiation … Continue reading Once more, with emotion!

A mental break

I've been taking a break from writing lately, not a mental break from life, just from here. I don't know why exactly, I can't say I'm overly stressed or overwhelmed, it just felt like the thing that needed to be done. I do miss writing but I just don't exactly know how to put the … Continue reading A mental break

Break time?

Today everything hurts, it's been building over this past week, first the knees then wrists, back, shoulder .... I know i've been busy but not enough to normally expect that! Then again, my body doesn't do or react to anything 'normally' these days! *chuckle* I think she's got the right idea! I think it's likely … Continue reading Break time?