Label or no label?

I hate labels, I always have, they seem so restrictive, they make people think that the one label is all you are .... so linear, so basic a description. I don't fit neatly into any one label and I don't believe anyone does BUT the world often takes a label and makes it ALL you … Continue reading Label or no label?


A little story

I read something earlier that kind of rings true to this story and since I have a bit of time I think I'll put it here and maybe give you all a little chuckle! It's one of the few 'good times' I remember from my childhood so why not! I was born in Africa, as … Continue reading A little story

More rain …

It's been a few rainy days now and my body is showing me just how much displeasure it feels in that fact!! LoL Darn it, just when you start to feel fairly good it starts again. Of course! I feel like I've been chopping wood all weekend, my upper back, neck and shoulders are just … Continue reading More rain …

Yin and Yang

My life has always been full of contradictions and now is no different. Good thing that bodes well for my personality!! *chuckle* Just like the past two stories, my life has always been one extreme or the other. Hanging out a Gramma's house was always calming, and simple and full of the 'real' importance of … Continue reading Yin and Yang