Trigger, triggers everywhere!

I woke up this morning ready to fight, ready to run and scared out of my mind! My brain took me back to a time when I did still experience fear and uncertainty, to a time when I was young and vulnerable and at the mercy of the adults around me. Before the warrior was … Continue reading Trigger, triggers everywhere!


I should be

I should be writing something right now in order to clear my head but currently every second word is profanity! Since that is not my style I will just do this for now and hope it helps!


It's Friday and after a couple of hard days physically I'm more than ready for some time off. PA Day at the school so I have a free day to myself! Well until 1 pm when the Bear gets home, Fridays have always been early days for Him anyway! 😀 I'm already sore from work … Continue reading TGIF!