If you want to help someone you must meet them where they are, not bark at them about where they 'should' be .... ~n  


Meet my oldest.

I have long known that we are very similar, my oldest and I, but I also knew that there was a major difference in our personalities I just didn't know exactly how to categorize it. This is of course very funny if you know my 'personality type'! *chuckle* I am INTJ (introverted, intuitive, thinking, judging) He … Continue reading Meet my oldest.

OH, my child!

Remember when I posted about genius kids making the most stupid mistakes? LoL Yeah, it's totally like that! Let's just say that if this was April 2018 he would be in jail right about now. Cripes!! See my kid(s) are very smart and one thing commonly found in intelligent people is a very dark and … Continue reading OH, my child!