Break time?

Today everything hurts, it's been building over this past week, first the knees then wrists, back, shoulder .... I know i've been busy but not enough to normally expect that! Then again, my body doesn't do or react to anything 'normally' these days! *chuckle* I think she's got the right idea! I think it's likely … Continue reading Break time?


Things I have learned …

... from little people! I work with little ones and I have to get them to school on time. This morning as usual, I announced that we had 10 more minutes until we had to pack up and be ready to head off. "Ten minutes? I LOVE ten minutes .... ' comes the response from … Continue reading Things I have learned …

Problem …. ?

I have always believed that things are very often what you make them. Your perception is often just as important if not more so than the actual situation. I happen to work with children and they are always more than happy and able to remind me of that little tidbit of wisdom! Just as many … Continue reading Problem …. ?