We’re in the second week ….

School started last week and so far W is adjusting well!! *big sigh of relief* There were a couple hiccups in the first few days but he has adjusted well, i've been able to get more and better information from him and so make better decisions on his behalf! By the end of the first … Continue reading We’re in the second week ….


I can’t avoid it any longer.

I've been avoiding this blog because i've been avoiding what i need to do next! *raspberries* Sorry to have left you all hanging, it wasn't my intent but when i don't want to do something i can drag my little bunny feet indefinitely! LoL I've been off work now for one month and it seems … Continue reading I can’t avoid it any longer.

Break time?

Today everything hurts, it's been building over this past week, first the knees then wrists, back, shoulder .... I know i've been busy but not enough to normally expect that! Then again, my body doesn't do or react to anything 'normally' these days! *chuckle* I think she's got the right idea! I think it's likely … Continue reading Break time?

Problem …. ?

I have always believed that things are very often what you make them. Your perception is often just as important if not more so than the actual situation. I happen to work with children and they are always more than happy and able to remind me of that little tidbit of wisdom! Just as many … Continue reading Problem …. ?