We’re in the second week ….

School started last week and so far W is adjusting well!! *big sigh of relief* There were a couple hiccups in the first few days but he has adjusted well, i've been able to get more and better information from him and so make better decisions on his behalf! By the end of the first … Continue reading We’re in the second week ….


Oh, well i guess they’re still alive than!

I was talking to my brother a couple of weeks ago while he was in the doctor's waiting room. He and my parents share the same family doctor and as luck would have it, they had appointments scheduled back to back! My brother hasn't seen my parents in a very long time, not as long … Continue reading Oh, well i guess they’re still alive than!

Break time?

Today everything hurts, it's been building over this past week, first the knees then wrists, back, shoulder .... I know i've been busy but not enough to normally expect that! Then again, my body doesn't do or react to anything 'normally' these days! *chuckle* I think she's got the right idea! I think it's likely … Continue reading Break time?

Exam prep …

Getting ready for the exams and the end of the school year! Yays! We have made some great strides and i'm hoping that will continue. A main difference between now and before things got into a tail spin is that i find myself unapologetically emailing and contacting people on W's behalf. He mentioned some time … Continue reading Exam prep …


What is it about these little critters anyway??? See the chair with the blanket, all ready for them to sit in? The one they used to sit in ...  See where they have now decided they need to be! Linen chairs do not clean up well, water marks and a whole lot of trouble is … Continue reading Cat-itude!