Oh, well i guess they’re still alive than!

I was talking to my brother a couple of weeks ago while he was in the doctor's waiting room. He and my parents share the same family doctor and as luck would have it, they had appointments scheduled back to back! My brother hasn't seen my parents in a very long time, not as long … Continue reading Oh, well i guess they’re still alive than!


(Re-blog) Retiring My Emotional Armor — A Fish Named Karen

No-one, today, dampens my light, my potential, it’s me. We do it to ourselves. When we’re ready to take responsibility for our own lives, we stop blaming others for screwing up our lives.  I couldn't agree more! If you read nothing else of this piece I hope you go away with at least that on … Continue reading (Re-blog) Retiring My Emotional Armor — A Fish Named Karen

R.I.P. Gramma

Today is the second anniversary of my Gramma's passing. She suffered with Alzheimer's (Dementia).  I have been wanting to write about this for most of this month but chose not to because I was trying to be sensitive to the needs of others. A few of you might see the irony in that statement now. … Continue reading R.I.P. Gramma

I write …

i write to get out my frustrations, i write to help put ideas together in my head, to slow them down just a bit so that they can completely register. i write to leave my worries and stress behind, i write to keep sane. BUT I don't write everything about my day. I felt the … Continue reading I write …