Yesterday i got beat up ….

..... by a 6 1/2 year old! I've been helping care for this child for about 2 years, his behaviour has been a bit rocky to say the least. He has autism.  His parents deal with things much worse and on a regular basis. Here with me we can normally keep things civil but lately … Continue reading Yesterday i got beat up ….

I HATE giving up!

I'm sore and i'm tired and i'm frustrated. I hate f'en giving up ..... My hands hurt and my brain is hurting too. maybe more to come later, maybe not ... For now, i f'en hate giving up!


The hardest part of dealing with a teenage boy with mental health issues as a parent is that it can be very hard to tell when they actually are having a problem and when they are just being lazy. Anxiety, panic disorder and a slight personality disorder, all those things are not visible and when … Continue reading Confusion

6 minutes

Today i got six minutes, that's all On the ski machine and with my workout, today i had to stop after 6 minutes. My knee braces are working well (yays) but my hip and abdomen was out and the pain was too great. So today i got six minutes . ... I GOT six minutes … Continue reading 6 minutes