Since I’m on a roll ….

Things have been crazy as usual but life is what you make it after all! This 'half masked' rabbit plans on playing with 'fire' this weekend. Every so often you need to take a few minutes for yourself as well, time to surrender to the raging fire, even for just a bit! Everything else … Continue reading Since I’m on a roll ….


Beware! (humour)

Just a cautionary reminder to everyone in the Great White North! Please beware of the 'Northern Domestic House Toddler' Their chubby cheeks and full mouth of newly acquired pearly whites are just a ruse to lure you in. Don't let the happy-go-lucky nature fool you, they are simply waiting for the right moment to cause … Continue reading Beware! (humour)


Some days I need to try very hard not to let anger over take me. When I think about how we started down this road with the youngest and all the trouble and trauma that has come from that one person .... One person holds much more power than most people understand. One person really … Continue reading Unfair