More set backs

This isn't a topic that I enjoy writing about but I think it's important and it might even help someone else who is looking for information so here goes. I'll start by saying my mood is great! There is nothing really wrong in that respect, I very seldom have issues there.  It's my body that … Continue reading More set backs


What can we do …..

*** I started this in preparation for an interview by a student, I have since completed the interview and added quite a bit more but I thought since the first draft is here I might as well put it out there ... *** I've been asked if I would be willing to give an interview … Continue reading What can we do …..


Sometimes you need to be careful when listening to the opinions of the masses. I love it when people tell me that you can't have big dogs and cats in the same house. It just doesn't work .... *wink* I tend to use this same knowledge when i listen to all their other opinions as … Continue reading Truth?