Normal, right?!?

My brother and I talk just about every day. He has me on an app that allows texting even though I don't own a cell phone, it comes to my computer (or whatever device) I happen to be logged into.  Today he texts: 'My son wants to come live with you, if I die. He … Continue reading Normal, right?!?



I haven't written here in a while and i think it's because i'm just actively avoiding the whole thing in my mind. I don't want to put energy into writing it down because i just don't think i have any 'extra' energy left for this right now. I've been back to work since the beginning … Continue reading Avoiding


My mind starts to take over The world seems to drift below me thoughts, circling .... never-ending train continues to whirl about I'm sick, I'm fevered, I'm tired, but yet my mind continues Refusing to give me peace, Refusing to give me rest Refusing to give me a moment of silence ....   A never-ending … Continue reading Caged