Let me start by saying that I happen to think that there are a lot of good people out there, I just don't always end up with one of them at the door! LOL I just seem to often end up with some interesting characters, if not so much polite or even civil at times … Continue reading Impressed!


Rats are gone, weekend is here …

Time to start concentrating on what needs to be done I guess .... It's still very hot out but nothing like it has been and if the winter follows suit with summer we will go from air conditioning to heat in a day of so .... that won't leave much time for gardening! We've started … Continue reading Rats are gone, weekend is here …

In memoriam

So now that I'm getting my head back on straight(ish) I have decided that a perfect way to honour and remember Gramma will be with a garden memorial. She was an avid gardener right up until her body gave out and her favourite place to walk and stay was by her flowers and veggies. I'm … Continue reading In memoriam