A remembered truth

A few years ago my mother tried to turn my brother against me. She was under stress no doubt, but so were the rest of us. It was at a time before Gramma went into the nursing home. My brother was living with her, he was the free nurse maid, he took care of everything. … Continue reading A remembered truth


There is much hopping about this head and no way to be rid of it sooo .... you fine folk who choose to read are in for a rare but honest look at my 'awesome' brain! 😛 A- Trump says the best way to deal with the gun violence at school is to arm the … Continue reading Machiavellian?

The Mind

They say the mind is a powerful thing, ... does that mean the stronger the mind, the more powerful the thing? I believe so, I believe that the stronger the mind the more it can affect both for good or bad. The stronger the ticking time bomb, the greater the destruction it leaves in its … Continue reading The Mind

Beware! (humour)

Just a cautionary reminder to everyone in the Great White North! Please beware of the 'Northern Domestic House Toddler' Their chubby cheeks and full mouth of newly acquired pearly whites are just a ruse to lure you in. Don't let the happy-go-lucky nature fool you, they are simply waiting for the right moment to cause … Continue reading Beware! (humour)