I am no victim

Of all the things I have been through and concurred the one thing that holds true for all of them is that I have never felt a victim. Why? Well mostly because I refuse to. I don't want or need people to 'feel sorry' for what I have encountered in life, as far as I'm … Continue reading I am no victim


My babies are growing up, but are they?

This roller coaster ride has been quite intense lately. The youngest has finally started doing the work that I thought he was doing but turned out he hadn't. When he finally got onto the online course he hit a 'snag' pretty quickly. He didn't think to ask for help or speak up that he was … Continue reading My babies are growing up, but are they?

I should be

I should be writing something right now in order to clear my head but currently every second word is profanity! Since that is not my style I will just do this for now and hope it helps!