So, this is what I think ….

Just getting my thoughts down for the Bear to review and have. The oldest has an appointment tomorrow to review his medication and other stuff. The Bear gets to go because I will still be working.

The first day after some pacing he couldn’t make it in, day two he made it in and was surprised with 3 appointments with the administration, a change of schedule and a ‘spare’ turn ‘let’s see how many courses we can get through in one make shift library/class’ …. on top of having a full, taxing schedule already in store, no easy subjects here.

Today, he hid out in his bed again …..

So okay Bear, this is what I’m thinking for the doctor’s appointment tomorrow.

I think the last few days have shown pretty convincingly that A is suffering from anxiety attacks due to the stress of going back to school, dealing with the new classes and pressure they are putting on him (extra work, full load academically etc.) to try to catch up from the missed semester. They are trying to do 2 in 1 and it was all a big surprise on top of the fact that going back was stressful enough to begin with. He is overwhelmed …

I think he does suffer from depressive episodes but they are brought on by the anxiety and panic … I don’t know if dealing with the depression is the way to go. I believe that if we can manage the anxiety (which his current medication does not do) we can avoid the depression all together.

When he was home and after the pressure of school was off, he bounced out of the depression. He still goes out with friends, he still surfs and researches anything he’s interested in, he still hangs out with his girlfriend, he still goes to watch his friend’s band play … basically he still has interests and friends and he is still relatively happy all around, outside of the anxiety that is brought on by things like school, dealing with the administration, getting a job ….

Anxiety stops him from trying new things or facing the issues and people who have abused their power in the past.

Depression happens after he has battled the anxiety for weeks and months and then fails …

His laziness is part of being a teenager and the fact that I do everything, and his scattered way of doing things is just his personality.

** After some thought and going over the timeline this is the direction I’m thinking … **

Good Luck Bear! ❤



2 thoughts on “So, this is what I think ….

  1. Great chain of thought nijntje. I would have to agree that getting the anxiety under control should be our first step. Then hopefully everything else will fall into place. I like you do not want to take anymore steps then are necessary. This seems to be the right direction.

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